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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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to e prime ministeralk to about idleplant.osing his words, the pub country in the day about nuclear plant in western country's are now noda is eer during
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a long hot sumnoda will stress thatohi plan and he'll tell source of economy. first, nodea approval restart two plant. theard several conditions nuclear policy mip goshi hoso airectnation from the prime m thes the lastnishakawa's conditions. give his approval as early as rate governmen worried can't woes.uchida joins now from the ai, i understand >> one of our analysts at one agencies
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bare inves rating age bonds amid concern the debt crisis further. rating for spanish government bonds three. the agency attributed downgrade to the growing spanishnt bailout from the union. the cost of restructuring recapitalizing reach as pain will remain in receefore showing signs of the spa isitors to estimate recapitalizing the country's finalize a to banking. officials not needout. analysts will have to ask f assist federal
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reserve bernanke urgedo take action. he said improve ets institutbad loans.ment at a congressionan more will needed tolize euro banks, calm mar sovereign for the euro and lay the town fowth. >> he also said theurope has u.s. econom drag onrts. this is and consumer confidence andestic financial markets. stressed that will additional monetar easing if deteriorates. bu
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jonein the as in reaction to a rate cut in china before the u.s. fed view on u.s. is cap advanced. 12,460.go to rami the tokyo stoc ramin, quite a surprise m how are s friday morning here ing to you, ks like markets are of from chairman bernanke's cut from and that on fromove from chie interest rates.then of co the chairman er be front of the joint banking tempered some of the gains reflected opening the nikkeitopi
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morning june 8 inooking at the you can trading a opened heree economic data. n's current balance comi billion an to march revised now, marketsthough much on what officials hav saying and d we're more of t rather from fed be of the rate cutnufacturing comm stocks here going forwarfort there from the government there to boost growth we also saw as quite a
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indication from thereflection after the move china. looking to manufacturing, months of con sector and of its so japanese should gain on of that chairman , did temper investors r would say little bit more economy. gh let's fmoc will under two weeks have just been his until federal open mlater on. in ou the of spain, again, concerns aboutt as've seen steady but the a little yen. at 100
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ai? >>ramin,mes ahead of key data weekend out ofyou say they tim? >> exactly. ahead of key . we'll see how that aggressive china tomy. we'll see how thaarkets on monday. right lot forupdate. tokyo st both thetopix negative this morning. on other ma
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western looking at v rian government. lead ruid they opposary interven violence. nhk world reports from beijingrs adopteing on thursday at thetwo-day summit of shanghai corporation a mutualnd economicp. chinese p jintao andt vladimir putin iranian mah ahmadinejad atten. the statement declares shanghinterference in the middle influenced power
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sanctions stresses that should be reso with comes in the the arab spring.risings overturnedhe middleriendly with analysts sayt of assad c more western demands of region. beijing. iranian preside ed russian to suppor program. bjing regionasummit. bo ahmadinejad russia to iran's right togy for peaceful purposes. country's first nuclear powe russia's technical is abilate
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cooperation. backs ir peaceful nuclear but not the development 18thd to visit moscow to teotiations over the nuclear talks wit britain, fr russ to be the australia says lift economicnst myanmaracy minister bob announcem myanmar afterpresident opposition leader democracy he country up. he said lift myanmar within weeks.remove bans on and
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trn persrr also saidtralia will t u.s. myanmar will be the areasmelaw, support systems. is strike on cent karzai is full cutting sh patchari our bang bureau hashan president were attack. he early from an official v to returnate response. officials
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in province of kabultargeted homed. women and children were killed. intern air strike b say they have notny ka denounces theying a nato air civilian lives and property have and it i acceptable. folloings talibanesday. were the taliban bombimising security and the anti-nato sentimenistan.n home situation very seriously. the natural gasincreasing inmies such asand has been a major ia.
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this weeting a confe future of nhk now a recogniti theof gas. >>nference kicked off this week. welcomes drilling cofrom more than 80 countra major theme is how countries supplies. has allowed it to be a meen facing s in recent years as its own booming e . is the new facility tructed three kilometers offility is not to plus
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produce natural gas but to demand for electricity, and the >> reporter: malaysia is not thecing country consumption. indonesif natural gas.government adopted the policy this s to rise in industrialized countong been major thjapan creased demand for gas to generate 2% more gas last new energy sources, japan is one
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sights on shale gas tary rock er's leader, is eady taking part in j to extract shale gas iother countries. liquified naturaltain to become japan's futu we feel that our responsibilit but these efforts while na southeas increasingly fap up our bulletin i'm patchari bangkok.> north korean leader kim
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ng-un has made military developmentrity sinceower. the north is also seeking ways tattered economy. that's the attention pe.s. ♪♪♪♪ >> reporter: a n pyongyang restaurant north korean cuisine. eskorean dishes are popular in this may be the first ry in europe.. and it's spe the paintings and the korean k at the
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restaurant. a nine-course the business' dutchh korean officialsn they first heard the id oney, so of cour oppor: according to the nal monetary fund, north korea's top trade partnestorical ranks fourth. this man has spent last twying to strengthen europe's trade ties with the north. s, outsource c development overseas across a northorean
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eloping ties or led trade north korea. >> the political relationships l and for this europe.>> reporter: he says timing might be right for bu opportunities in the china ha hub for euro bor costs are about half of china's. recently explained other pros and cons of doing business north kore industry off
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30 people attession. he is optimistic that buions will get better over ore positive about a new leadership than others. my persol be sheri ahn spoke with nhk reporter to
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get some insights into new -ups between europe a. ope and north korea are both geographically and it's interesting to hear an businesses are actually >> in europe and north korea rdiplomatic relations with north several other capital ciand north korea's new leader, m jong-un, wants it in >> how does europe view s nuclear development and programs? >> europe is seeking the denuclearization of northike japan, t at the same time, european diplomatic tiewi to pur the n
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elegation came a pledged tofreeze its missile test it appears tpressure time pursue a po engagement. >> with e >> there are notice. first, north korea wants to strengthen its ties with europe in order to avoid china. japan, united states, so th an se its grip on c tiesorea will deepen?
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happen? >> t earlier thd forereign will become prnorth. policy is yet not very clear. high hopes for the you >> nhk tokyo r enjoying aore thestarts.mori joins the world weather forecast. ine. we are s skies tokyo. the quite a warm day. raforecast. aroundrner. aff western japan with
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again, the ruding the tokyo area td it, dry across the is affecting much today, not too heavy but heavomorrow, as much as ers of rain is a span of 24 dochina peninsula has been aling with torrential rain, lots of floods and landsy, the heaviest rainof today. as mucn at least for the se, 35 degrees in bangkok and 32 in hong kong.
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reaching 33 degrees and thes. o saturday. the americas.clouds over we're ots of active weather. will rth dakota down o.rnings and and around wyoming.the region over the southwestern portion o will tur and there's england.a rain band is still lying over t th lots of thundershowe likely remain for th another low-pressure system bringing collumbia region and the
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pacific northwest because the system is dr as i 14 in seattl feeling more like mid april here. it's on the hot 30eges expec and the same goes to europeave a stationary low sitting producingnd warnings in place in the souther uk.ill finally improve the associated front will move quickly over the w cont europe. we can see pink showing eans heavy rain will as for the highs, central europe, temperatures are on the warmn berlin and 27 degrees king f 21
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degrees and 23 here's your extended forecast.
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story this japanese prime ministers making another al speak to the pub the day. all of the reactors offline. the western safe that source power. noda nee local governrestart two r the plan fukuit forward several conditi he met on mon nuclear powerct e prime at ease. the
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his app early as next 's all for this edition "newsline." do stay with us.
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